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Puffin dream  
Everything you always wanted to know about the studies and the protection of Atlantic puffins in the world  

A tribute book...

"Puffin Dream" goes beyond a photographic book with stories. It is above all the unprecedented human alliance of a naturalist photographer with eminent scientists. This art book highlights all the work done in the colonies around the world and is a tribute to the men and women who dedicate their lives to this species.



More than eight years of fieldwork and three years of writing were dedicated to the completion of this project.    


"Puffin Dream" was born from a dream. The dream to still enjoy the company of this little clown of the sea in the years to come. He is slowly, inexorably and silently disappearing. Let's not hide it anymore.

Its vulnerability is explained by the voice of great specialists who have classified the puffin as "endangered".  


Global warming and many other issues that affect it contribute to this.  



My fear of seeing it become extinct and my fears about the evolution of our world made me realize that it was absolutely necessary to act. I wanted and loved to do something for him.  

Puffin dream is the leading scientific and photographic art book on the Atlantic puffin in the world.

The book is published in two versions: French and English.

Heartfelt thanks for their collaboration in the preparation of this book:

Dr. Annette Fayet, Pr. Mike P. Harris, Dr. Tycho Anker-Nilssen, Dr. Erpur Snær Hansen, Pascal Provost (L.P.O.), Pr. Tony Diamond, Alain Desbrosse, Sylvain Mahuzier and Dr. Stephen W.Kress.


For each book sold, 1 €uro will be donated to each of the associations that are close to my heart.




Hard cover

Format beautiful book 30x28cm

Full color printing

Matte paper
ARENA WHITE of controlled FSC origin 170 g/m².

Inside 192 pages + cover




 The book is available in two languages (French version / English version)

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The different operations of this project

I chose to realize this work in self-publishing. This solution offers several advantages :

a total freedom in writing the texts, in the choice of images and more globally, in the realization of the work. But self-publishing also has its disadvantages: a high expenditure of energy, notably due to a long writing process, numerous readings and translations of reports; a need to undertake various steps of research of partners, with communication and information to see the project succeed and seduce a maximum of people; and finally a meticulous preparation of the diffusion of the work in 11 countries.

  • Graphic realization of the book by a professional: I called upon Guillaume Billy, recognized for his artistic qualities;

  • Introduction of watercolors in the pages of the book produced by the illustrator Julie Wintz-Litty;

  • Translation of the book into English by Jo-Anne Elder, a full member of the Literary Translators Association of Canada (LTAC);

  • Printing of the work by the Escourbiac printing company, which has been present at Montier-en-Der for 12 years;

  • FineArt prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White paper: extra white with a matte finish, very smooth - certified Digigraphie® - 310g/m2 - printed by the Breton company Pix in the city;

  • Packaging of the books with high quality cardboard boxes;

  • Delivery of the books by Colissiomo.

A deep thank you above all!

My project comes from an awareness. It is time to highlight this extraordinary human chain whose work is often done in the shadows and which produces scientific reports shared at international meetings.



During my numerous trips to puffin colonies around the world, I met volunteers and scientists, most of them working for universities. I realized how important each of them was to my little clown of the sea.

The follow-up of the burrows, the annual count, the ringing of certain individuals in order to pierce their secrets are so many actions contributing to its safeguard.



How many volunteers? How many scientists ?

How many specialists take care of you to understand your behavior and ultimately

understand ourselves ?!



To know seabirds is to understand our planet.

Bio of the author

Laurent Echenoz was born in 1977 near the banks of the Doubs River in eastern France. He grew up in a village on the edge of a Franc-Comtois forest. Very early on, he immersed himself in a preserved nature, where he developed a deep sense of listening and observation.



Naturalist photographer, avant-gardist and creator of original photographs, Laurent learns from the best professional photographers, then develops his own photographic techniques. He creates his own style, playing with originality with the light, the framing and the pause time. He gives life to each image with patience and passion.



Curator of Nature, Laurent takes us on a journey to what we hold most dear.

His photography allows to fix ephemeral moments of beauty and shows us that our common good is precious.



Laurent is a man of sharing: he appreciates exchanges during exhibitions, fairs or festivals. He then tells the anecdotes of his encounters in the field.

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