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Laurent Echenoz was born on the shores of the river Doubs and grew up in a peaceful village, near a forest in the Franche-Comté region. Very early, his permanent immersion in such an unspoilt nature developped his skills for the listening and observation of wildlife.

As a naturalist and pioneering photographer, Laurent first learned a lot of photographic techniques with the best artists. Then, he created his own style, playing with the originality of light, of framing and of the pause time. Each picture comes to life after many hours spent waiting for the very moment.

Lautent’s photography transcends Nature. It invites us for a trip to the very heart of our essence and shows us how valuable our universe is. Every tree, every plant or every animal becomes a work of art captured during ephemeral moments of intimate communion.

Laurent likes to share his passion by meeting people during exhibitions, events or festivals. He then talks about his sincere and pure works, where time has no effect. He particularly enjoys such fruitful exchanges, born from the emotions aroused within us by his photographs.


The author’s career

Laurent became a professional photographer in 2015, after more than twenty years of learned amateurism, Laurent creates pictures of nature and shares his works in a lot of nature photography events, in Museums and any other unusual places. Thus, through twenty-three public meetings, he claims the necessity to make human people aware of the fragility of nature around us.

In 2017, he graduated from the Design and applied Art School (Ecole de design et d’art appliqué) in Reims, a course he has undertaken in order to improve his techniques and express his skill better. The author’s photographs are published in several magazines and win competitions where the jurys are altogether professionals or the public of the event.

Mainly a lover of seabirds and particularly of Puffins he discovered in 2013 offshore Canada, Laurent makes them his favourite subject and his photographic soulmate. After taking part in scientific works on nesting areas of the birds, Laurent understands the emergency of making people aware: the slow but unavoidable disappearance of the species is an indicator of the extinction of the animal kingdom.

Il imagine un projet sans précédent sur ce petit oiseau et embarque avec lui d'éminents scientifiques qui tour à tour s’enthousiasment à l’idée de participer à sa démarche. Co-écrit par une dizaine de personnes, le livre aboutira en septembre 2022 et sera distribué en français en en anglais dans tous les pays où se reproduit cet oiseau